Don't Tell Me I Can't Fly

January 2013

Directed by Scot Copeland
Costume Design by Patricia Taber
Lighting Design by Scott Leathers
Scenic Design by Scott Leathers
Projection Design by Colin Peterson
"Don't Tell Me I Can't Fly", the semi-biographical story of African American collage artist, Della Wells' childhood.  Taking inspiration from the artist's work, I created an interactive mosaic that displayed various touchtones of the play.  Red was a major influence and color in the show and that is reflected in the design--it is the "opposite of subdued".  One projector was bounced off of a mirror to maximize the limited space backstage.
Nashville Children's Theatre Commercial for
"Don't Tell Me I Can't Fly"
Production Photos by Colin Peterson - Click HERE to see more examples of my Production Photo work
Projection Cue Examples from the Show

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