Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott

February 2016

Directed by Jon Royal
Costume Design by Patricia Taber
Lighting Design by Scott Leathers
Scenic Design by Scott Leathers
Projection Design by Colin Peterson
"Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott", a pastiche of scenes depicting the struggle of black Americans during the Montgomery Bus Boycott in Birmingham, Alabama.  Historical images were used for context, but because of the low quality, a paint treatment texture was utilized to round out and maximize the imagery without sacrificing quality with low-rez images.  This texture was implemented throughout the set and was inspired from the painted protest signs of the Civil Rights movement.  One projector was bounced off of a mirror to maximize the limited space backstage.
Nashville Children's Theatre Commercial for
"Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott"
Production Photos by Colin Peterson - Click HERE to see more examples of my Production Photo work
"Earnest and inspiring, “Rosa Parks” offers a beautiful testament to the extraordinary things that can be accomplished when ordinary people work together."
Projection Cue Examples from the Show

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