Evolving: Piece by Piece

NCT Emerging Artists Company - Spring 2020

Directed/Edited by Colin Peterson
Written by Maria Sebastian, Carlen Anderson, Tonita Rincones, Jessie Ottinger, Ashlyn Surratt

Cast Ashlyn Surratt as Herself
Carlen Anderson as Herself
Jessie Ottinger as Herself
Maria Sebastian as Herself
Tonita Rincones as Herself
This is a devised, original work created by the Emerging Artists class during the spring semester of 2020. This class started in person in February, originally working on the traditional, comedic piece, “Androcles and The Lion”.
When in-person classes were canceled in March, the class pivoted online. Over the course of five weeks, meeting for two hours a week, these students created this piece through an introspective devising process that I directed and facilitated. Looking at where they have come from, where they are now, and where they are going - using those writings to craft an original work of theatre. Utilizing Zoom as a performance space with created movement as well as biographical storytelling, this original work, “Evolving: Piece by Piece” was created. Video Below.
"Evolving: Piece By Piece" - Emerging Artists Company - Spring 2020

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