NCT Emerging Artists Company - Fall 2018

Directed by Colin Peterson
Asst. Directed by Rachel Woods
Fight Choreography by Eric D. Pasto-Crosby
Lighting Design by Taylor Thomas
Costume Design by Alarie Hammock

Taking three scripts of "Antigone" I pieced together a one-act play that highlighted all of the actors in my cast.  We had a 12-week rehearsal process, meeting once a week, from 11am-1:15pm.  Working for an hour each session on the script (the other hour was devoted to a Master Class workshop taught by a theatre specialist in Nashville, TN (a class curriculum that I designed and administrated in conjunction with the Junior Artists Class)).  We did however have two extended rehearsals, making the total rehearsal time 15 hours total for the play.  The Emerging Artists Company is an audition only class and students work very hard to be a part of this elite group of students.

Utilizing a minimal set of rehearsal cubes and sparse lighting, I emphasized movement and expression by having the actors fully participate, committing vocally and physically in every scene.  From creating the thousands of people in Thebes, to the dark prison cell that holds Antigone at the play's climax.  As a class we discussed the themes of the play and had numerous discussions and breakout sessions about the context and characterization of Kreon, the state of Thebes, historical significance, the affects of war, familial relationships, and present-day context.  It was an excellent experience and one of my favorite pieces I've ever directed.
Video Below.
Process and Production Photos by Michael Scott Evans
"Antigone" - Emerging Artists Company - Fall 2018

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