Scot Copeland : A Legacy of Magic
Director, Camera, Editor
Nashville Children's Theatre's beloved Producing Artistic Director, Scot Copeland died in February of 2016.  This video was designed and created for the "Big Payback" in May.  Originally, the video was designed to celebrate NCT's 35 years, but after Scot died, the focus shifted in a short amount of time.  The video consisted of one week of interviews and was compiled and edited for release in two days.
NCT Funk
Producer, Director, Camera, Editor
Produced for Nashville Children's Theatre for "The Big Payback" a National day of giving where non-profits across Middle TN compete for donations through social media.  This video garnered 13k+ views, 200+ Likes, and 182 Shares - in one day.  The creative for this project netted the theatre over $30k in donations and won an additional $5k for "The Best Creative Campaign" awarded by the Memorial Foundation.
Afflicted: Daughters of Salem - Mean Girls Promo
Director, Camera, Editor
A video piece emulating the classic "hallway scene" from Mean Girls.  Over 19k views, 100+ Shares and Likes. Ticket sales increased by 30% after the video ran.
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